Chloe Smith
Candidate for Norwich North

Disclaimer: Much of this content on this website was established while I was a Member of Parliament. As Parliament has been dissolved there are no MPs until after the election on 7 May 2015.


Chloe helps launch the Youth Pledge

  Chloe Smith MP’s creation of the successful Norwich For Jobs campaign has led this week to a youth promise for the whole of Norfolk and Suffolk. Chloe joined New Anglia LEP on Monday 24th March to launch the Youth Pledge, that every young person (16-24) in Norfolk and Suffolk ...

Chloe Smith welcomes Chancellor to East Anglian Air Ambulance

Chloe Smith, MP for Norwich North, today welcomes Chancellor George Osborne to the East Anglian Air Ambulance headquarters in her constituency.   George Osborne announced in the Budget that the East Anglian Air Ambulance is to receive a grant of £1.7 million from the LIBOR Fines Fun...

I have kept my contract with you

When the community elected me, I set out a contract with the voters of Norwich North, showing what I would do and what kind of MP I would be. I’ve kept all those promises and will explain how in this post. I was asking for people’s votes in 2009, when my well-respected predecessor Ian...

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