Chloe Smith
MP for Norwich North

Special Brief: Delivering Brexit

Author: Chloe Smith, Updated: 16 January 2019 13:16

I want to keep constituents updated in a factual way about what is happening in the House of Commons this week. Today’s blog follows a comprehensive series which I’ve written for you, back to 2016.


If you have read recently you’ll know I voted for the Brexit deal last night, and will have seen my full reasoning. I’m disappointed it did not pass the House of Commons.


         But, the House of Commons has spoken and rightly the Government has said it will listen. People, including EU citizens who have made their home here and UK citizens living in the EU, and businesses in Norwich who need to know any changes to make, deserve clarity. So the Commons now needs to show what it does support not just what it’s against.


         The Prime Minister set out last night how she intends to proceed:

o   First, we need to confirm whether this Government still enjoys the confidence of the House. 

  • If it does, the PM will meet with Conservative colleagues, its Confidence and Supply partner the DUP, and senior Parliamentarians from across the House to identify what would be required to secure the backing of the House.
  • If these meetings yield ideas that are genuinely negotiable and have sufficient support in the House, the Government will then explore them with the EU.


I intend to vote in confidence of the Government today because I believe it is in the best interests of my constituents that we swiftly find a way through. There is a lot of work ahead to find consensus and make a success of Brexit. I do not think it would be wise to waste any more time nor play party political games. 


I know constituents want to see the issue settled. I will stay focused on what will deliver the referendum and support jobs and prosperity for my constituents. I hope that Members of Parliament on all sides will listen to the British people, and work with the Government.


 The Government also confirmed in the Commons that the best way forward is to leave in an orderly way with a good deal. It is not their strategy to run down the clock to 29 March.  The Prime Minister became PM just after the British people voted to leave the EU in the referendum. She believes it is her duty to deliver on their instruction. 


There will be lots happening in the coming days, and a further update to the House of Commons on Monday (21st Jan). I am grateful to everyone who has taken the time to let me know your views and I will be sure to keep constituents updated here