Chloe Smith
MP for Norwich North

Reporting back: My letter to Health Secretary about the Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust

Author: Chloe Smith, Updated: 11 December 2018 14:00


On Friday 7th December, I wrote to Matt Hancock MP, Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, following the CQC’s report that was released this week highlight various failings within the Trust.


I wrote to the Minister telling him that I find the situation deeply concerning. In the letter, I explained that the CQC is crystal clear that the leadership have not done enough to address the issues identified in previous reports. The numerous changes in leadership at the Trust have failed to bring out the improvements in service my constituents need.


I told Mr Hancock that despite repeated inspection failures, interventions and support from NHS Improvement and the CQC this Trust continues to fail my constituents. I have constituents who are placed out of area when in mental health crisis, constituents who face long waiting lists for help and most seriously the problems accessing crisis care.”


I also expressed that I am deeply worried about low morale in staff even though they are rightly praised in the report for their hard work and kindness.


Turning to solutions, and pointing at the better provider, I said: “This is not about money. Taxpayers’ money is going into mental health and other NHS mental health trusts around the country do far better for patients so there should be no doubt that responsibility lies with this Trust, not at anyone else’s door.  Other Trusts in Norfolk can show how to serve patients effectively, like the outstanding Norfolk Community Health and Care Trust.”


I told the Minster that I welcome that investment will be made in Norwich, such as a new Crisis Hub being funded.


I concluded the letter by stating: “I would like your assurance that you will consider and explore all options for improving the service my constituents rely on.”