Chloe Smith
MP for Norwich North

Brexit Blog

Author: Chloe Smith, Updated: 09 January 2019 16:24

I’m really grateful to the many constituents who are keeping me informed of their views on Brexit.  As I always have done, I am carefully reading everything people say to me, and in turn keeping you up to date here on this blog.

You will find a comprehensive series of blogs on my website, going back to the 2016 referendum, including throughout November and December 2018 for my intentions about the vote in Parliament on the deal which the Prime Minister has negotiated with the EU for our exit.

In Parliament this week, we heard an update from the Secretary of State for Exiting the EU, and are resuming debate on the deal with a vote next Tuesday (15th Jan 2019).

Having listened to all the arguments that constituents have made, and all the debate in Parliament, and what the PM has subsequently discussed in Brussels, I continue to support this deal because I think it is the best available. 

I want to see a deal because I think the evidence is clear than it is economically best for the UK to have one rather than “no deal”.  I don’t think a different deal is practical.  And I do not think it is right to stay in the EU, given the decision the country took in the referendum.

For us here in Norwich, I see that this agreement offers the best available access to European markets.  There’s no other advanced nation in the world that has a better deal. This deal offers stability at an uncertain time, and an environment you can succeed in.  That is crucial for businesses, and I have always said that my constituency priority is to support a deal which is good for jobs and businesses here in Norwich.  

As the Prime Minister has said, delivering Brexit has meant difficult choices for everyone.  I do understand that there are concerns about some of what is in the Withdrawal Agreement.  So there are some compromises here.  But that’s what a deal is. 

We can all recognise that there have been different views about Brexit up to now.  Since the referendum, some people have continued to argue passionately for the things they believe are right.  I understand those arguments, and even where I don’t agree with them myself, I respect the people making them. 

This is a deal that the nation can unite behind and one I believe Parliament should back. 

You can read more about the deal here.

You can also read a lot here about the government’s intention for what would happen if there was no deal, and here about what citizens need to do.

I believe we should get behind it, help people come back together again, and make a success of our future partnership with our European neighbours.

I will keep constituents further updated with another blog here next week after the vote happens.