Chloe Smith
MP for Norwich North

Chloe Smith stands down as minister to restate what is most important to her: her work for Norwich North

Author: Chloe Smith, Updated: 09 October 2013 13:15

“I have stepped down from my ministerial post in the Cabinet Office to concentrate on the most important part of my job: being the Member of Parliament for Norwich North.

I wrote to the Prime Minister on the 19th of September to explain my decision, and that I intended to serve until the next reshuffle. He has thanked me for my three years of service as a Minister and given me his best wishes. In his letter, he thanked me for helping achieve “fundamental and lasting efficiencies” totaling £10bn of savings for the taxpayer last year.

I am proud to have served my country in this way but my constituents have always come first for me. They know the high standards and the hard work that I ask of myself as their MP.

I was only 27 when I was lucky enough to be elected to Parliament and I want to use this experience to communicate with a new generation of younger voters about public participation and the Conservative message.

As an elected Conservative Member of Parliament the Prime Minister and my party have my full support as we continue to fix the economy, reward hard work and do the right thing for Britain.”


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