Chloe Smith
MP for Norwich North

Kerri McAuley Campaign

Author: Chloe Smith, Updated: 19 December 2017 16:09

I am proudly supporting the Kerri McAuley campaign to raise £10,000 to help Domestic Abuse Charity, Leeway to furnish a new refuge in memory of Norwich mother, Kerri McAuley.

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I never met Kerri but she would have been my constituent. Like everyone, when I heard I was shocked and horrified. Every brutal murder is shocking at any time, but I think this was made so much worse by the suggestion things could have been stopped earlier. And that’s why I want to act.

I have held a further meeting with the Home Office Minister for Domestic Abuse, in Westminster, about Kerri’s case.  The Minister has agreed to come to Norwich in January to meet the key people who have expertise in the fight against domestic abuse.

Kerri’s family and I believe the abuser could have been stopped sooner, and I am working in Parliament to help the government learn valuable lessons from her death as it drafts new legislation that will tackle domestic abuse.  Minister Victoria Atkins MP is preparing a new Domestic Violence and Abuse Bill that will strengthen the tools available to beat this repulsive crime.  This is likely to include:  how patterns can be observed sooner and serial perpetrators stopped; how guidance can be strengthened and parts of the fight against abuse better joined up;  how to make best use of police, sentencing and probation powers;  and what more can be done to support victims and to lessen the impact on children of domestic abuse.  The government’s next step is to publish a consultation.

As a constituency MP, it is incredibly important to be able to use important local examples to get better laws, to make the laws of this land better, so that Kerri did not die in vain.

I would just like to reiterate one of the important lines that comes out of this case is, speak out if abuse is happening, speak out as soon as possible


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