Chloe Smith
Member of Parliament for Norwich North

Chloe visits Shelter Norfolk and welcomes government plan to open up social housing

Author: Administrator, Updated: 01 February 2012 17:17

Chloe Smith MP today visited Shelter Norfolk to meet the charity's staff and local people they have helped.

Chloe wanted to find out more about the housing problems facing people in Norfolk. She discussed with Shelter staff the issues that face the clients they help on a daily basis and then met people who have been helped by the charity.

Chloe Smith MP said: "I am delighted to be visiting Shelter Norfolk to learn more about the vital work it is doing in supporting homeless and badly housed families in the area. As the local MP, visits like these help me get to the heart of the housing issues facing people right now."

Shelter Norfolk helps people with a huge range of housing problems, from mortgage arrears to problems with their landlords. Shelter's advisers let people know what their rights are and explain their housing options.

Shelter also offers specialist help with debt problems and welfare benefits, so people can access specialist help with a range of problems.

Chloe Smith today also welcomed government plans to open up social housing across the county. People who live in social housing in England will be able to swap homes with other tenants anywhere in the country, the government has announced. Under the "freedom pass" scheme, the eight million social tenants in the UK will be able to see details of every council and housing association tenant looking to exchange. Tenants have previously been able to do this in their local area only.

Chloe says: "The single biggest issue I deal with as a local MP is housing. People want to be able to move to homes that suit their needs, and I see no reason why that should not happen nationally as well as locally. As a country we have record waiting lists, and indeed we need to build more housing that people can afford, but in the meantime people simply want a fair deal from the housing that exists. We should be looking at every idea that could help people get a decent home in a fair way."