Chloe Smith
MP for Norwich North

Chloe Smith MP welcomes of funding for Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust

Author: Chloe Smith, Updated: 28 March 2018 12:58


Chloe Smith, Member of Parliament for Norwich North has welcomed the news released today that the government is investing an extra £558,000 for the Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust.


The announcement has stated that up to £1m capital will enable Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust with their primary and community care partners, local council and constabulary to provide a more efficient configuration of mental healthcare and financial sustainable services.   The scheme will provide a purpose built ‘Crisis Café’ in Norwich to support people in escalating mental health crisis. The facility will give patients an alternative to A&E, provide year round support to people in a safe haven, providing supportive care, advice and information and to act as an urgent response hub. In turn, this will reduce pressure on Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital A&E, mental health inpatient beds and ambulance services and avoid people being detained in police investigation centres as a place of safety.


Chloe comments: “I’m pleased to see this investment into our mental health service. I know many people in Norwich will really welcome it. Along with £1m for our A&E, and more medical students being trained at UEA, this is a series of investments and it shows the Conservatives are supporting the NHS and the patients who need the help.”


Detailed Scheme Description:

In Norfolk and Waveney there is a growing demand for mental health services and mental health inpatient beds. A variety of societal factors, as well as the difficult financial climate that many people are living in, is increasing instances of mental health problems and heightened emotional distress. Services are reporting that people experiencing more complicated symptoms, and who may already be suffering with complex mental health problems, are particularly vulnerable and are presenting to services in ever-increasing numbers.

The project’s overarching aim is to design and implement a new service model (Crisis Hub), initially in Norwich, to support people experiencing heightened emotional distress – those on an escalation path to crisis. The model will be flexible and responsive, offering immediate access for those that need it. Its approach will primarily be non-medical and will focus on de-escalating the individual’s immediate need, offering appropriate interventions, ensuring the individual has a short-term support plan and engage the individual with appropriate community resources. The model will be supported by clinical staff to ensure risk is appropriately managed and where necessary people can be escalated to more appropriate services. The Café will give patients another option to A&E. It will open every day and evening, each day of the year, for people in mental health crisis or those at risk of developing a crisis. The safe haven approach encourages self-management and independence, with the requirements of the services users at the heart of their provision.

The model has been established in Aldershot and in Bradford and these organisations have been used as a reference site for best practice. The capital requirement is for a building with appropriate facilities and accommodation.

The key benefits of the scheme are:
• Reduce the number of presentations at NNUH A&E, by people experiencing a mental health crisis.
• Reduce the number of emergency ambulance conveyances from patients’ homes to A&E, of people experiencing a mental health crisis.
• Reduce the number of avoidable admissions to mental health inpatient beds
• Decrease the number of referrals to the Crisis Resolution Home Treatment Team (CRHT)
• Reduce the number of people being detained in police investigation centres as a place of safety

The organisations who will be impacted on the scheme include Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust, GPs in Norfolk and in particular Norwich, the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Norfolk County Council, Norfolk Constabulary, Norfolk District Councils.