Chloe Smith
Member of Parliament for Norwich North

Chloe Smith MP gathers Norfolk MPs for Elderly Care meeting with Director of Adult Social Services

Author: Administrator, Updated: 20 July 2011 16:38

Chloe Smith, Member of Parliament for Norwich North, will on Friday 22nd July be meeting with Harold Bodmer, Director of Adult Social Services at Norfolk County and other Norfolk MPs to discuss elderly social care.\n\nThe focus of the meeting will be for the Norfolk MPs to discuss key issues surrounding care for the elderly in the county.\n\nChloe continues her campaign to see better joint working between those responsible for health and those for social care, by probing officials on the new Health and Wellbeing Board and associated joint working matters.Chloe has also recently supported carers in her constituency by organising a Carers’ Corner with local group Care for Carers.\n\nChloe comments:\n

“What with care homes in the news more than ever before, and talk of reform to how social care is funded, it is more important than ever to get social care right, locally and nationally.\n\n“The need for care in old age will strike any of us.  We all need to consider realistically what we might face.\n\n“The recent independent Dilnot Report highlights this lottery of life.  It estimates that a quarter of people aged 65 will need to spend very little on care over the rest of their lives. Half can expect care costs of up to £20,000, but one in 10 of us can expect costs of over £100,000.\n\n“People need to get fair help from society but also to look to what they themselves can afford from saving in earlier life.\n\n“People also rightly demand that things are joined up.  When the need for care hits in later life, people are often extremely upset and pressured to make the right choices.  I am continuing my campaign to help carers and those who need care, by pressing the County Council on Friday on health and social care matters.”