Chloe Smith
Member of Parliament for Norwich North

Chloe appalled that soldiers in the TA are still not being paid

Author: Administrator, Updated: 25 January 2012 14:53

Chloe Smith, Member of Parliament for Norwich North, has said that she is "appalled" following the revelation that soldiers in the Territorial Army are still not being paid for training.

In October Chloe spoke out to deplore Gordon Brown's decision- which was reversed in a Government u-turn- to freeze £20m of TA training, contrary to the recommendations of the Cottam Report.

Commenting on the new revelation, Chloe Smith said:

"This is a shameful state of affairs. I told Parliament in October how Norwich TA troops give up a huge amount of their time to defend this country and that training cuts would hit them hard. I am appalled that the Government still have not, after six weeks, fulfilled their promise to pay for TA training."

"I also asked Defence Secretary, Bob Ainsworth, five weeks ago when he planned to assist, financially or otherwise, TA units such as those in Norwich (A Company, 3rd Royal Anglians) to re-book the training that has been cancelled and he replied then that it would be in the next couple of weeks."

"I urge the Government to stop dithering and start doing."

This news comes in the same week as the death of Corporal Adam Drane from 1st Bn The Royal Anglian Regiment.