Chloe Smith
MP for Norwich North

Brexit Blog: No Deal Brexit

Author: Chloe Smith, Updated: 23 August 2018 15:15



You will have seen earlier today the Brexit Secretary delivering a speech outlining the Government’s preparation in the unlikely event of a “no deal” Brexit scenario. Further to this, the Government has published the first in a series of technical notices advising consumers and businesses what to expect should we leave the EU with no deal.


Of course, it is important to remember that a good deal is in the interest of the EU just as much as it is of the UK and the Government remains committed to leaving the EU in a way that doesn’t cause us unnecessary economic harm and hardship.


The Brexit Secretary himself has confirmed that over 80% of the withdrawal agreement has been agreed and the Government is making further progress on those outstanding separation issues. I would urge you, if you have not already done so, to read the transcript of the Brexit Secretary’s speech which can be found below.


I want to take this opportunity to reassure constituents that, whilst the Government is preparing for every eventuality, a good deal is within reach and remains the Government’s top overriding priority. I am confident that we will avoid a situation where we leave the EU with no deal.


Of course, no deal is better than a bad deal; that principle has not changed.


The Brexit Secretary himself stated: “let’s put the unlikely scenario of a no deal Brexit in some sort of context...our laws will be on the statute book, the staff will be in place, the teams will be in post, and our institutions will be ready for Brexit — deal, or no deal”.


The technical notices published by the Government today are a sensible, measured and proportionate approach which will minimise the impact of no deal on British firms, and therefore jobs. I know from Norwich employers that simple information in good time is important. Further to this, a total of £3billion has been allocated in preparations for leaving the EU and this will ensure that the right legal and operational arrangements are put in place for all possible outcomes. 


I know constituents have some questions about no deal, and are worried about some things they might have heard, so I want to make sure you see the accurate information directly on this blog. More details about the technical notices can be found at the below web address.


The Brexit Secretary then continued, touching on matters which constituents have recently raised with me, including concerns over the supply of food in the event of a no deal Brexit. The Brexit Secretary was clear:


“DEFRA food statistics show, the UK supplied half of the food we consumed. 30% did come from the EU, 20% from the rest of the world- let me reassure you all that, contrary to one of the wilder claims, you will still be able to enjoy a BLT after Brexit”.


The UK has excellent levels of food security and this will continue post-Brexit.


I want to reiterate the final point made by the Brexit Secretary. Whilst the Government is aiming to secure a good deal from the EU, there are also opportunities to be had in the event of no deal.


Norwich has strong prospects and I have made sure to be in touch with the major employment sectors in our city to understand their needs. I will be continuing my work in Parliament to support our orderly exit from the EU. I am confident the Government will achieve a prosperous Brexit by managing and mitigating the risks, by rising to the challenges, and by seizing the opportunities that lie ahead, and I believe this can bring more good jobs to us in Norwich.